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Customising proven energy technology

Schaltbau sales engineers have access to a treasure trove of knowledge and experience including a host of realised applications. As a result, you benefit from analogies and empirical data that may be of some value for your application.

Our diverse solutions for applications within the renewable energies segment are used in a whole host of systems around the globe. A new application can very likely be conceived and accordingly modified analogous to an already completed solution. This saves on time and costs, and offers safety.


Switchgear for renewable Energy power plants

In the dynamic renewables market the trend is towards more energy efficiency. One means to achieve this is by increasing the system’s operating voltage. With this end in view, Schaltbau has developed special switchgear for AC and DC applications capable of handling higher voltages and extinguishing the electric arcs that result from them. Thus Schaltbau switching devices provide safe and reliable emergency shut-down of the plant. More safety and efficiency for your system!

DC contactors

Energy generating systems depend on the ability to switch off high DC voltages safely and reliably in an emergency. Users in the renewable energy industry also benefit from our expertise in the area of DC contactors. In wind and photovoltaic systems, they are used as load-breaking contactors.

AC and AC/DC contactors

3 pole AC contactors of the CA and CL series are the cost-effective alternative to circuit break-ers for load breaking at the utility end of the inverter AC output circuit. Single and double pole CT-Series power contactors for AC/DC featuring a patented blowout technology for extinguish-ing electric arcs are ideally suited for load switching on both the DC and AC ends of inverters in wind turbines and photovoltaic installations.

Limit switches

Our snap-action switches with positive opening operation are mainly used as limit switches e. g. for pitch and yaw control of wind turbines and also for the brakes of the rotor blades. In PV systems they are typically used for actuators of the trackers that align the arrays according to the position of the sun.