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We are ideally equipped to rapidly fulfil any individual customer requirements given our experience as DC and AC specialists. As a result, we are the ideal partner for planners, fitters, builders and operators of systems for generating, storing and managing renewable energy.


Switchgear and snap-action switches

The right solution may eventually be an item from our product line, a special variant with little need for adaptation, or a completely new design – because customizing is standard with us!

  • High voltage contactors for 500 A

    The C310 is a single pole bidirectional DC NO contactor. It was designed to ensure safe switching of high loads and to protect reliably in case of a system malfunction. The new bidirectional contactors are suitable for typical applications such as the DC end of inverters, combiner boxes of photovoltaic installations, battery storage systems and electric vehicles.

  • Bidirectional contactors

    Thanks to their bidirectional design, the new universal contactors C195X are predestined for use in grid stabilisation battery banks: emergency cutouts are possible in both charging and discharging modes. With a current carrying capacity of 320 A, they can switch voltages of up to 1500 V.

  • Limit switches for wind turbines

    In wind power plants snap-action switches with positive opening operation S847 Series, are mainly used for as limit switches for pitch and yaw control of the rotor blades and also on the brakes of these blades.
    As gear-type limit switches they are used there for monitoring.

  • Power contactors for DC and AC

    Single and double pole CT Series contactors are capable of switching both DC (bidirectional) and AC circuits. This makes them suitable for load breaking on both the DC and AC ends of inverters in wind turbines and photovoltaic installations.

  • DC contactors

    The double pole DC NO contactors C294 are characterized by high breaking capacity. Mounted in combiner boxes of regenerative power plants, they are used on the DC end of the inverter to disconnect the inverter from the arrays and turbine respectively in the case of a power outage.

  • AC contactors

    3 pole AC contactors of the CA series are the cost-effective alternative to circuit breakers for switching PV or wind turbine inverter systems on and off the electrical grid.

  • Snap-action switches for solar plants

    Schaltbau S970 Series snap-action switches are used for gear-limit switches of actuators of solar trackers. These systems track the position of the sun and align the panels according to the sun’s position. In doing so they ensure the highest possible energy yield of the solar power plant.